Ogden Sangha Yoga is on the south side of 400 North. 

From I-15: Take exit 346 (400 North) and drive east.

From Ogden: Take 12th St to 1200 W, go north to the 4-way stop, then turn left on 400 N.  

From North Ogden:Take 2700 North to 1500 West, turn left and travel south to 400 North, then turn right

Yoga Gem for December

Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood

1339 West 400 North
  Marriott-Slaterville, UT  84404



  Join Kathy on Tuesday , December 6, at 5:45 pm for a special

  evening meditation class. 

​  On Wednesday, December 7 at 5:45 pm, Cassey will offer her

​  Aroma Yoga class. 

Welcome to Ogden Sangha Yoga!

Ogdan Sangha Yoga is a yoga community.  "Sangha" means "community" in Sanskrit.

We offer a variety of yoga classes taught by experienced teachers in an environment of safety and respect to the people of northern Utah. 

We are located in the First United Methodist Church in Marriott-Slaterville.  

Ogden Sangha Yoga is not affiliated with any church or religious faith.  We welcome everyone to practice with us!

Long ago, Fire, Water, Truth, and Falsehood lived together in one large house.  Although all were polite toward each other, they kept their distance.  Truth and Falsehood sat on opposite sides of the room.  Fire constantly leapt out of Water's path.

One day they went hunting together.  They found a large number of cattle and began driving them home to their village.  "Let us share these cattle equally," said Truth as they traveled across the grasslands.  "This is the fair way to divide our captives."

No one disagreed with Truth except Falsehood.  Falsehood wanted more than an equal share but kept quiet about it for the moment.  As the four hunters traveled back to the village, Falsehood went secretly to Water and whispered, "You are more powerful than Fire.  Destroy Fire and then there will be more cattle for each of us!"

Water flowed over Fire, bubbling and steaming until Fire was gone.  Water meandered along, cheerfully thinking about more cattle for itself.

Falsehood, meanwhile, whispered to Truth, "Look!  See you yourself!  Water has killed Fire! Let us leave Water, who has cruelly destroyed our warmhearted friend.  We must take the cattle high in the mountains to graze.

As Truth and Falsehood traveled up the mountain, Water tried to follow.  But the mountain was too steep, and Water could not flow upwards.  Water washed down upon itself, splashing and swirling around rocks as it tumbled down the slope.  Look and see!  Water is still tumbling down the mountainside to this day.

Truth and Falsehood arrived at the mountaintop.  Falsehood turned to Truth and said in a loud voice, "I am more powerful than you!  You will be my servant.  I am your master  All the cattle belong to me!"

Truth rose up and spoke out, "I will not be your servant!"

They battled and battled.  Finally they brought the argument to Wind to decide who was master.

Wind didn't know.  Wind blew all over the world to ask people whether Truth or Falsehood was more powerful.  Some people said, "A single word of Falsehood can completely destroy Truth." Others insisted, "Like a small candle in the dark, Truth can change every situation."

Wind finally returned to the mountain and said, "I have seen that Falsehood is very powerful. But it can rule only where Truth has stopped struggling to be heard."

And it has been that way ever since.

     - from northeast Africa (Ethiopia)